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Our Mission



The Fionda di Davide is a mission in Italy which has come into existence in order to fulfill the precise commission which Jesus communicates to his followers: let the children come unto me. What does this mean and why should a child benefit from an encounter with Jesus? The reason is simple: it is the will of the Father that not even one little one should die.
When a relationship is established between a person and the Lord, even in early childhood, it will result in a condition of well being which will touch every aspect of his life. In Luke’s gospel we read that the twelve year old Jesus grew in grace, wisdom and stature. This is wonderful. In fact this has been and continues to be the exact aim of the Fionda di Davide: provide the child with every useful element in order to be blessed spiritually, mentally and physically.
Nationally we reach out to thousands of children every year through evangelism in the streets, in parks, in churches and hospitals, whereas in schools, we present the students with moralizing and educational activities.

We work among immigrants as thousands of desperate people are being poured into our nation both from eastern Europe after the collapse of totalitarian regimes and from Africa. Children are the first victims among those who suffer. We concentrate much of our effort in recuperating children who are socially at risk in particularly in the south of Italy, where they can be recruited from low income environments by criminal organizations like the mafia and the camorra.










Gioca Gioia is the name of a truck equipped with a mobile stage and all necessary equipment for itinerary performances which enables us to reach children even in the most under privileged areas.










Abroad, we carry out humanitarian aid:

  • long distance adoption, humanitarian activities for suffering, misplaced, maladjusted and handicapped children
  • setting up of schools and medical centers in underdeveloped countries

Particularly in India we work with a school for blind children; children in the Tsunami stricken region; street children of Calcutta now have been provided with a medical centre; In Reeling (Himalaya) the ‘House of Joy’ provides a home for abandoned children of the area.



 Because of all this we hold yearly vitally important training courses for hundreds of children’s workers, enabling them to carry out this precious work. In order to concentrate and optimize all these activities, we are in the process of purchasing a plot of land of 6 hectares in the province of Rome on which to base a work centre, where further to agricultural activities, it will be possible to train child educators and animators and carry out initiatives for children, such as a day centre, summer camps, school trips, large events, educational and cultural activities for awakening public opinion to themes regarding childhood.










Description of the project and it’s details

  • A day centre for children who are socially at risk
  • A children’s home
  • Teaching farm for schools with an educational itinerary underpinned with games
  • Centre for summer camps
  • Playground with inflatables, small riding school, archery, mini-golf
  • A biblical theme park
  • Theatrical activities
  • Editorial production
  • Counseling service for teenage mums and parents in crisis.

Day centre

Educational care and assistance during day activities for children in public care institutions, such as the Regional Council of Culture and Social Services of the Council of Palombara Sabina (Rome).




Children’s Home

In collaboration with social services, an appropriate place to host needy children in care.



 Teaching farm
Schools will be presented with an activity in the shape of a very original educational and recreational itinerary. (An itinerary is planned its model being a teaching farm). Students will be taken along a trail along which the culture and the production of olive oil is presented (on the property are about 400 olive trees). Furthermore a visit will be possible of an antique and prestigious oil mill with olive press, adjacent to the property.

Professional school for child workers and animators
The project consist of a training school for child workers and animators, through a teaching, didactic, psychopaedagogic and methodological process, the students will acquire tools for newly emerging and socially useful activities, such as work among children who are socially at risk and play therapy in pediatric hospitals. The body of teachers consists of professional figures with a know how obtained in the area of entertainment, communication and pedagogies.
Center for summer camps
During the summer period June, July and August, a service for families will be made available with a summer day center, where children will take part in activities held by professional animators.
Space for the handicapped
In the center a playground area is planned allowing access for children with handicaps.
Press office
The center will include a press office.
Italy is a strategic nation, both because of its geographical position, in fact it is a gateway to the rest of Europe, and also because of the social emergency. We need help. At times we feel inadequate and unable to face such a large giant. A giant which even today wants to devastate the lives of millions of children. But history tells us that the one who won was little David.

 Antonio Amico President










Help us to keep the sling raised to protect the life of many children which God loves.
God bless you
Thank you
Antonio Amico (President of the Fionda di Davide)


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